Monday, November 1, 2010

i kinda fizzled out on fashion week but i made a fox

i was a pumpkin for halloween. my mom made the costume some time long ago when she was pregnant with one of us and so it billowed out over her big belly like a real jack o lantern. i am not pregnant, so it sagged a bit and the face folded in on itself. i looked good though, with my stem hat and all. we went out on the town for a bit and i saw many many costumes of quality. i liked the girl with a strainer on her head and spaghetti hair. she had meatballs glued to her chest. i asked her if she was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and she said no. she was just meat balls. and spaghetti.

otherwise, my weekend was calm. i met some of jordan's old friends from wyoming. one laughs like goofy and the other quotes whitman, so i found them agreeable. and fun! and great!

i find that otherwise, i do not like to leave my apartment. it is so cozy and there is so much to do! like make this fox:

check him out on my etsy!
back to school for the week!

notables of today:

a six grader asked me if i was married (no). then asked if i was a teenager (no).
i read Corduroy twice.
we played rhyme bingo.
a first grader laughed so hard he peed.


  1. Wait a minute--I thought we were teenagers if we weren't married? I've been wronged.

    PS Cute as heck, that fox.

  2. !!!!!! i want to laugh till i pee. jealous.

    and the fox is V. cute