Sunday, November 14, 2010

projects! people! prophecy!

bits and pieces

for sale, for art, for making

unfinished projects

for sade

such a homebody

goal number 87: be better spray painter
fall feels like it's winding up, everything everywhere is christmas christmas christmas. must start making things for christmas christmas christmas. i have so much i want to do in a vast variety of forms. before and after christmas. if i only had one hobby, would i get more done?

things that have been happening: aunt julie came up on friday and we had a lovely time scouring all the thrift stores and estate sales in the county. she gave me lots of tips on finding goodies and we went out to lunch at avenue bread. she is so great, she gave me a whole lot of imperfect linens to craft with, plus some darling apartment warming gifts. i am truly lucky to have her as an aunt! more visitors, my sister, andy, and their adorable new boston terrier judge (shmails) came up on saturday. i ate too much at boundary bay and we walked around town, then went back to our place and played with judge. today i have been trying to squeeze in everything else.

goals for the week include:

#45. write something
#29. promote children's book blog
#35. find a good book to read
#55. make one of these

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