Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the natural history of our family : my family of magpies

here are some of my dad's collections in the museum that is our house:

various tools and such. he's into old kitchen tools now. i like the ROBIN sign, his name.

marbles. lots of marbles. and dust.

jars filled with stuff. like corks. buttons. sewing supplies. spools. shells. etc.

random collection of glasses and stuff.

matchbox cars. we used to have to dig through toy boxes at the goodwill and antique stores for the ones with the metal bottoms. this is a most extensive collection.

i like these.

part of the infamous gnome collection. this is a mere fraction.

this is actually my mother's collection of Berggren house ware, started by my grandmother. go mom!


  1. I must say, in NY last week there was a wonderful little oddity at a cool place called the Knitting Factory--it was "Collector's Night", so any and all collectors came with their extensive and strange collections. There were prizes and some weird things, like one woman had 17,000 beanie babies and one guy had like 300 vintage paint brushes. Makes me think your family could have won some cash money prizes! SO awesome.

  2. i know i have a bunch of beanie babies somewhere... with protectors on the tags and everything!