Monday, August 31, 2009


i am in love with idaho. i am in love with the clear clear priest lake, the ponderosa pines, the moose, the stories of bears, the fast boat with no name, the slow boat named "doty," the sunken islands in the middle of the lake, the american kestrals diving for grasshoppers in the meadow, the meadow!, the mist over the meadow in the evening, the dark dark nights, the falls... the smell of the air which is sweet and warm.

we spent the last week splitting our time between priest lake, the ranch, and spirit lake. the boswells spoiled us rotten with amazing food, a rented boat, drinks, dinner at the elkins lodge. mr. boswell and his twin brother told stories all day, of their crazy youth, of the natural history of the ranch and priest lake. we spent the days on the water with the fish, the chevrons of geese. we went out to the local bar, millies, and danced cheek to cheek to country music. oh the glory of it all! these are wild places that i need to go to, to relocate the heart, the lungs, the breath, when they are taken away.

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