Wednesday, August 12, 2009

chick a dee dee dee

went to "nineties night" with kori and jake. so skeezy! but the music is so nostalgic that we had to try it out. we drank a lot of rainier tall boys and ran into the adorable and fun shannon, who i worked with at the flower shop. i miss seeing her every day. anyhow, the dj looked like a tall chas, so we called him tall chas all night and kori kept requesting songs which were already requested, like MIB and the lion king, and kept denying that he looked anything like chas. finally, tall chas played some TLC. then this guy came up and started trying to get skeezy on me and i was like, "hey, we went to high school together." and he didn't remember me. and then this other girl flung herself on him and they started bumping and grinding, much to my relief. anyway, we all decided we prefer 80's night at rumors.

prior to that i hiked up to fragrance lake with the boys. not much with birds other than a few winter wrens, a lot of black capped chickadees, and some wilson's warblers. the birds have quieted themselves. i no longer hear the swainson's thrush in the back yard. the broods are all growing up into robust young birds, the juvenile towhee jordan and i have been watching on the feeder is getting his color, and we saw four young flickers in the grass the other day, looking large and self suffcient. i already feel the season folding in on itself and it makes me a bit lonely.

jordan and i made fajitas. grilled on the barbeque and then seasoned with cumin, cayenne, chili powder and tabasco. homemade tortillas. we love to eat.

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