Saturday, August 8, 2009

i'd like to walk around in your mind some day

we went to the rose garden at cornwall park today and i really liked it. then i drove down to lake forest park on the shoreline and my dog, stevie, jumped all over me. she is very very big. i am starting to feel restless and all, with not having a job right now and all. this makes me feel useless. however, in three weeks i will start my americorps position and work 40 hours a week. then, i know, i will wish i had nothing to do. what a catch 22!! i am excited to start the position though! i get to work with kids and they are so funny and charming and dazzling in many different ways, not like adults who are only funny, charming, and dazzling in a few ways (unless you are in love with them, then they become a kaleidoscope of all these qualities) . and i think i am, overall, more productive when i am busy. i love to do lists. in the meantime, i am lounging around at my parent's house, eating their chips. tomorrow i will head back up to bellingham and twaddle my thumbs a bit, then i will contemplate writing, then i will contemplate reading, then i will go lay out in the hammock and stare at the bush tits in the alder tree. they are so nimble, those little gray birds. on another note: jake e. poo is supposed to come into town in the next few days. oh, how i miss him. sometimes i take myself too seriously and he keeps me in check. life is for dancing and having adventures, not thumb twaddling. we will drink and dance and madness will happen and we will have a lot of fun. because that is what makes his "stoke meter" go way up. i need to get a stoke meter, asap.

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