Monday, January 17, 2011

common in mixed forests

spotted towhee

chickadee dee dee

female golden crowned kinglet: tricky little feet, a flash of feather

what it looks like here of late
today jordan and i went to scudder pond/ whatcom falls to look at birds. which would have been great if there were not any people around. we did see some goodies and i tried to take photos of some with my little camera, which is hard because they are so darn fast and my camera is nothing fancy. we saw others too: common mergansers and buffleheads on the pond. many black eyed juncos. brown creeper. red winged black birds. winter wren. eagle. song sparrow. kinglets and the likes. it has been warm and wet lately and the branches are bare except for moss. i like this look: you can see through things. to a fawn watching us through the understory. and jordan will pick me up and carry me over the puddles when i forget my galoshes. and it feels even hopeful, of spring, of newness, of the birds to come.

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