Sunday, September 13, 2009

oh beaumont!

this weekend was nice. first the greek food festival on friday night, and then a hike to skyline divide on saturday (where i ran into russell! fellow wrc member, bus buddy, and old pal from scriptural lit). the weather was brilliant, my friends are equally brilliant, and the scenery was breath-stealing. the hike up was a bit of a struggle for me at first. whew! i am out of shape! but i got my stride down and made it all the way, tasting victory as the salt on my lips. highlights of the trip included two grouse sightings, many hawks, and a women hiking with a lama named sally, a dog, and three goats. one of the goats was a baby named beaumont and he wanted to follow our dog, luna, and the rest of us down the trail. the woman kept scolding poor, curious beaumont, saying, "beaumont, you have two options! stay or get eaten!" in a very stern and commanding voice. he stayed, though we wanted to take him with us.

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