Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my kids:

one thinks i look like a teenager. another likes snakes. a lot. one likes to use my hand sanitizer. one likes kermit the frog, but not animal who is creepy. said student also likes mini star wars characters. very much. another is very shy and very attached. one likes to sing "miss mac paddy wack" to me. said student's favorite healthy food is elk meat, which can be purchased at the super walmart. one girl wants to be a hairstylist, one boy wants to be an army guy or a child actor. said student also wishes he could bring his bb gun on school property. one has a grandfather in mexico who has his very own donkey. all of them like seagulls. one speaks no english or spanish, but marshallese. this one puked on the play ground yesterday. one has hannah montana shoes. one boy, with a crush, likes to make hand signals to me while mrs. anderson is teaching. this same boy thinks miss spitler has pretty hair. one was not impressed by my cut out fish. one is a foster child who loves pink. another likes cats. actually, they all like cats. and sea gulls. and coloring. and recess. one girl wants to be a superstar.

me, all i want is to teach them to read.


  1. i may or may not know your marshallese student! two of ours from last year transfered to jefferson. sounds like a wonderful group of students though!
    (this is kelsey by the way)

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