Tuesday, September 21, 2010

eggplant and fruit flying

so i love my apartment and i love my kitchen but i have about two feet of counter space. check it out. the eggplant alone took up a third of the space. i also am afflicted with this terrible disorder where i get irritable (like, really. poor jordan!) when i am hungry. or as mackenzie, my clever coworker, coined it i get "hangry." i wanted to make eggplant parmesan, because eggplant is my favorite vegetable simply because it is so meaty. in the midst of the process i realized that my kitchen is not only lacking in counter space, but also baking sheets for crisping said eggplant as buried recipe called for. so i made jordan pan fry those patties and now my entire apartment smells like an eggplant fair and the fruit flies love it. i can't stand fruit flies and it reminds me of the time sade and kori and tori and i decided to have a fried chicken potluck at our old ellis street house. the last thing i remember is the swarming of small flies and sade falling off a chair crying. on the other hand though, dinner turned out amazing:

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