Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it wouldn't be summer without the steller's jays

Summer is here and my first AmeriCorps term is wrapping up. I have finally finished my reflection project which is a quilt which is a reflection of all the wonderful kids and good times I had at Jefferson Elementary this past year. Hello Kitty Halloween, cupcakes, pirates, penguins and seals-- that pretty much sums up my year. (Ahhh, I miss the kids so much already!) This was my first quilt. I think I will make a more aesthetically pleasing one soon.

Other things on the agenda:

straight chillin. after july 15th i am a free bird until school starts up again in september.
what am i going to do? fun things and sad things.

a.) i am volunteering down in skagit at the catholic community services housing authority, helping run a kids program with the lovely tori talkington:

b.) sadly, we are moving out of our lovely house on the top of the hill. sadly, sade is leaving me to go to colorado for grad school and emily is going to australia.... meanwhile, my life will crumple in their absence. so we are moving out of our house.

c.) on a brighter note: i am moving into a new, radical, place with the guy to the left. this is exciting and i am busy garage sale ing and sewing shower curtains and curtains and pot holders for such event.

d.) writing all the stories i've been carrying around in my head and heart this whole year.

e.) researching grad schools and teaching programs, trying to plan the unknown.

f.) and that's all folks. i think. hopefully a trip somewhere? COLORADO????

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